House Bill H. 3355 DUI-E

As you may have heard, a Bill has been introduced in the SC House of Representatives to ban DUI-E, Driving Under the Influence of Electronic devices. The short form is that it will require hands free operation of cell phones, GPS, etc. As the Bill is currently written, there is an exemption for Amateur Radio.

As of this point, Gordon Mooneyhan, W4EGM has been in touch with Roanoke Division Director Hippisley, Vice-Director Morine, SC Section Manager Tarplee, and Dan Henderson of ARRL Regulatory staff, all because one of the GSARC members decided to jump the gun regarding this bill. The consensus that was reached is that, since the Bill has what we want, we will do nothing, except monitor the progress at this time.

Basically, I wanted to get the word out that the Section Manager is aware of this Bill, and a plan is in place. I’m sure Marc would appreciate it if y’all would help get the word out that a plan is in place and that it would be appreciated if the Amateur Radio community would just do nothing at this point as we don’t want to upset the apple cart.