About Us

The Greater Pee Dee Radio Society, W4PDE is Located in Dillon County, SC on the WPDE-TV 15 TV Tower @ 1500 feet.

Our Repeater is on Frequency 146.745 with a negitive offset and a PL tone of 82.5.

W4PDE has a very wide coverage area with Stations anywhere from Raleigh, NC to Charleston, SC to Columbia, SC and The Atlantic Ocean can communicate. During Band Openings its highly possible to talk to Stations in Virginia and Florida.

Additionally, W4PDE is linkable to the PCRN and SCHEART Networks expanding its covering even Greater. PCRN access does require a membership to PCRN, While SCHEART access is free an open to all hams wishing to access the network. Anyone in the SCHEART network can access W4PDE using DTMF *82 for access.

W4PDE does hold a Nightly Net called The Greater Pee Dee 2 meter Net at 9pm eastern time. All Hams Licensed for this band is welcome to check in as often as they like.

W4PDE History