Net Info!

Our Current Net Control Stations!
Sunday – KK4KSZ, Ben
Monday – KN4EIW, Wally
Tuesday – N4BAK, George
Wednesday – VACANT!
Thursday – KK4RFN, Robert
Friday – KN4PZE, Louis
Saturday – KC8KSK, Tom

Stand by NCS 
K4KNJ – Sam
N4BAK – George
KN4PZE – Louis

Net Manager – KK4KSZ – Ben

Net Preamble!

1. Good evening everyone, This is ( Your Call ) net control now calling the Greater Pee Dee 2 meter net. My name is ( Your Name ) and I’m located in ( Your City and State). This net meets nightly at 9 PM on the W4PDE repeater, to handle traffic to and from the coverage area of this repeater. All amateurs are cordially invited and encouraged to participate in this net. For more information about our Society go to our website,

Skywarn or ARES may supersede this net in times of emergency. 

2. Do we have any stations wishing to list traffic, announcements, or bulletins? If so, please call ( Your Call ), net control. [Pass outgoing traffic to liaison stations and release them]

3. Do we have any mobile or short-time stations? Please call (Your Call) net control now.

4. OPTIONAL AS NEEDED: We have traffic listed for the following: [give recipient name/call sign], Please call (Your Call) Net Control if you wish to accept the traffic. [Check for return of liaison station(s).]

5. Roll call will be in Alphabetical order: Please check in by the first letter of your suffix. Everyone is Welcome to Check-in with or without Traffic. [If you have checked in with traffic, we have you listed and you need not check in again].
1. SAT & SUN A-D Alpha through Delta Quick Way: A – H
2. MON E-H Echo through Hotel I – P
3. TUE I-L India through Lima Q – Z
4. WED M-P Mike through Papa
5. THURS Q-T Quebec through Tango
6. FRI U-Z Uniform through Zulu

6. OPTIONAL AS NEEDED: Are there any stations willing to accept the remaining traffic?

7. Do we have any late stations? Alpha – Zulu Please call ( Your Call ) Net Control now.

8. This is ( Your Call ) Net control thanking everyone for participating in making this net possible. We invite you to come back tomorrow night when we will once again call the Greater Pee Dee 2 meter net into session. 73’s everyone this is ( Your Call ) now clear and returning the W4PDE repeater back to regular amateur use.]

Net Preamble Download!